Selsun Blue is the most widely recommended antidandruff shampoo by medical specialists in the world. The Selsun Blue series is available in pharmacies and health stores in three varieties: for dry, normal and greasy hair, thus ensuring individual hair care. more...

Ferro - gradumet tabl. prolong 325 mg x 30 is an iron containing medicinal product used for the prophylaxis and treatment of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia. Prescription medicine.


PREGNA   - innovative intrauterine contraceptive devices

Approved by the International Planned Parenthood Federation in cooperation with the World Health Organization!

The freedom to choose your way of life....

Trusted by over 70 million women throughout THE WORLD!  Proven quality in over 100 countries!


VARUMIN®- life from nature

Varumin®  is a natural product of herbal origin and proved effect in specialized medical trials. It contains several herbal extracts of proved efficiency both in traditional and scientific medicine.


STAR BALM® - a new star was born!

STAR BALM® - efficient muscle and joint care!

STAR BALM® - the largest variety of dermal forms TO MEET ALL PREFERENCES AS well as a combination of high efficiency and attractive price


EASYLAX ® – glycerin suppositories with a laxative effect for children and adults

Proved quick effect, EFFICIENCY and safety!


OSTEOCARDIX® - for healthier bones and a stronger heart!

New, innovative, for the first time on the Bulgarian MARKET!!!

Highly effective natural form of vitaminК2 /menaquinone-7/


For the first time on the Bulgarian market!

CYSTURIL® - power from nature

The most powerful natural solution for prevention of urinary tract infections and cystitis caused by Escherichia coli with an immediate effect and lasting results


Newinnovative, no analogue on the Bulgarian market!


Reach out one more saving hand to your patients!

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