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The Head Office and distribution center of Biomeda 2000 Ltd is situated in the city of Plovdiv.
Part of the Plovdiv warehouse. Interior view.
Warehouse premises for the storage of unloaded products.
Warehouse premises for the operational service to regional pharmacies.
Giving consultations, information and taking orders by telephone.
Serving all clients of Biomeda 2000 Ltd in the region is carried out within 2 to 4 hours.
Currently Biomeda 2000 Ltd has developed its own distribution network in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burlgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, Stara Zagora, Pleven and Ruse.
Biomeda 2000 Ltd takes part in specialized national expositions, presentations, etc.
Biomeda 2000 Ltd has been twice awarded Taxpayer of the Year and ranks among the top companies symbolizing the honest approach of Bulgarian enterprises towards the Government.
National awards and diplomas certifying the honesty and quality of service provided by Biomeda 2000 Ltd.
This is where Elder Pharmaceuticals started from the first and oldest manufacturing unit of Elder Pharmaceuticals, built in 1989. The newest plant was launched in 2007. The total number of company plants is 9.
Elder’s export office
The inside yard of the pharmaceutical unit of Elder Pharmaceuticals
A look form outside one of the analytical laboratories
New York 2007 – Elder Pharmaceuticals was awarded the prestigious international award /gold/ for highest quality. This award is evidence for the success the Indian company has achieved in the world of business
Paris 2008 – Elder Pharmaceuticals was awarded the international award /platinum/ for the second time for its products.
Mr. Jagdish Saxena – the founder and Chariman of the Board of Directors of Elder Pharmaceuticals –“Our company became interested in Bulgaria because of the high qualification of specialists and employees”.
Mr. Alok Saxena – the Director of Elder Pharmaceuticals,” Due to its strategic position, Bulgaria is a natural entrance to markets in Europe, CIS, Asia and Northern Africa”.
Dr. Anuj Saxena, the Director of Elder Healthcare and the person in charge of the Bulgarian project.
On 17 May, all employees of Elder Biomeda JSC assembled in order to celebrate the merger and the symbolic 20th birthday at a company party. Our foreign partners were welcomed in the old traditional Bulgarian way – with bread and salt.
The Bulgarian traditions mingled with the Indian ones – the formal lighting of the traditional Indian Samai lamp by Dr. Anuj Saxena. Light chases away darkness, knowledge removes ignorance. Light is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness, progress and abundance in the Hindu religion.
Words of gratitude were spoken and the new plans for the future were shared by Mrs. Dona Koleva, Dr. Anuj Saxena, Mr. Bruce Croft and Mr. Ruen Ivanov.
The Bulgarian greeting for the foreign partners. Healthy, strong and energetic – these are the requirements for the company business.
How to perform the Bulgarian ring dance for the first time...Naturally, after “Cheers!” and a sip of Bulgarian rakia!
Enjoyment, high spirits and energetic dances continued all the night until the small hours of the morning.
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